Department of Marketing and Distribution Management (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels)


We have one of the largest groups of marketing academics in Taiwan. The size of faculty means that we have specialists in most areas of marketing studies and our research activities are focused upon a range of themes, projects and initiatives. Research by our faculty members covers a variety of important topics in Marketing, such as consumer research, business marketing, e-commerce and digital marketing. We disseminate our research through top international journals, interdisciplinary conference presentations and academic activities. Most of our faculty members work closely with marketing practitioners to ensure that the research we undertake has relevance for both commercial and public-sector organizations.


With the research and teaching skills of our esteemed academics, we offer two education programs: Marketing Planning and Distribution Operations. The students under the programs can gain in-depth understanding of both traditional and digital markets, and understand how they work. They are also being introduced to many theories, methods and techniques that firms can use to connect with or shape the markets. The students also learn what firms can do to uncover new and emerging consumer practices that may offer potential for creating new markets. Flexible teaching courses and programs offer opportunities to tailor the students’ learning to their own strengths and interests.

Industrial Links

The department has a number of placement opportunities and internship courses in order for our students to apply what they learn into practice. Linking what is learnt from theories and applied in work setting can not only increase learning effect, but also get familiar with the industrial environment so as to gain professional and practical experience. Our internship program has developed over 20 years and the results are of great renown. Students focus on developing cross disciplinary professional expertise by emphasizing their internship experience, cooperation with practitioners, and industries. We continuously enhance our range and quality of industrial placement in order to help our students identify and achieve individual career aspirations.

Overseas Academic Exchange

This department actively promotes academic exchanges, visits and cooperation with well-known universities both at home and abroad. On the one hand, this enhances academic standing of the department, while on the other, it widens students' international perspectives along with improving their foreign language proficiency. In recent years, we have developed overseas academic exchanges with the universities in Austria, Japan and Thailand. We have been actively promoting dual-degree programs and overseas relocation of teaching. Feedback from the students indicates that such experiences greatly enhance the motivations and performance of their studies.